Resuming work after lockdown

Resuming work after lockdown: Everything you need to know!

In just a matter of months, the whole world has been transformed and our entire way of living has changed dramatically. As the global pandemic is claiming people’s lives, social distancing and protective measures have become a part of our daily lives in an attempt to stop the virus from spreading. The business world is undeniably severely affected during this crisis with a substantial proportion of employees working from home. But in the case that work can’t be performed from a remote location, then the only option forward is to pause business operations for quite some time. If this happens, workers are obliged to stay at home under an income replacement arrangement until they are allowed to go back to the office. 

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Outdated Office Design: 7 Most Common Problems That May Impact Your Business Negatively

Outdated office design is one of the most common problems in today’s offices. Corporate culture goes a long way to building job satisfaction, increasing employee engagement and business performance. A business’s culture is reflected in its workspace design. If old furniture, claustrophobic cubicles and lack of natural lighting are common at your office, it’s safe to say your company needs to invest in office renovation.

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