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Glass manifestations and blinds

Solve two important purposes – they segment a space into many smaller areas and give you the necessary privacy. For example, you can segment an office floor into multiple units, one for each team, with glass manifestations.

A few decades ago, office spaces looked granular and were divided into cubicles. Today, most office spaces use glass partitioning to create a fresh and at the same time, a modular look. This extensive use of glass makes the entire office space bright and spacious, as it allows natural sunlight to lighten up and inspire the entire atmosphere.

Today, there are also many workplace laws that require glass manifestations to ensure transparency in office spaces. Some of them even lay down glazing requirements with an intent to provide utmost safety and security to all employees working in an organization. This means, when you choose a manifestation, you have to ensure that it meets the legal requirements and is compliant with the local laws related to workplace management.
The good news about glass manifestation legislation is that they do not lay down rules on how the manifestations should appear. This gives you the choice to have the manifestation in the design you want.

We specialize in creating manifestations that combine minimalism and functionality to give you a feel of frameless glass screens. At the same time, these manifestations ensure that teams can operate within themselves and the entire floor looks organized and is space efficient.
Our glass manifestations include a wide range of single glazed and double glazed frameless partitions and we will work with you to identify the best partition for your needs.

We can also emboss your company logo onto your glazed partition walls and screens, this looks great to visitors and customers and imbeds your brand into your office environment.

Along with a glass screen, you can always add beautiful frosted or printed manifestations, blinds, LCD switchable privacy film and so much more. Here is a look into some of the glass manifestations that we do.

  • Custom designs – Our in-house design team can recreate your company name, logo or just about anything you want on glass screens. These can be done according to your specifications and in a wide range of colours and sizes as well.
  • Frosted films – Frosted windows are a popular contemporary glass manifestation because they add to your style and privacy.
  • Hand drawn illustrations- Add some style to your interior using hand illustrated wall covering and accessories made of glass. These designs give the flexibility to create unique spaces that look outright stunning!

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