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Why Choose Glazed Partitions?

Glass is one of the most sophisticated and versatile materials used in the construction industry. Extensive use of glass helps in creating a very hi-tech and modern look in buildings. Glass is available in numerous varieties that respond to different functions; however there are advantages to this and disadvantages that affect the office and its employees.

The transparency of glass partitions allows optimal amounts of natural light to pass through a space. Sunlight minimizes the use of artificial light, resulting in lower energy costs. Interestingly, studies have shown that the amount of time spent in artificial light negatively impacts sleep cycles. Consequently a glass partition that provide ample amounts of natural light to a space actually promote healthy circadian rhythms. Having glass walls enable occupants to enjoy natural light without dealing with environmental elements such as rain, wind, heat, cold, noise, or dust.

On the other hand, the transparency of glass doors interferes with a worker’s ability to conduct business privately and may also find the lack of privacy unsettling. Fortunately, frosted and colour tinted glass options exist. Achieving a frosted glass effect is relatively inexpensive using window films and spray-on glass frosting.

Creating rooms with glass partitions can be less costly than building traditional walls. Should you wish to change the office layout, many times the glass walls can be dismantled and reassembled. This flexibility also makes moving your company easier since you can take the partitions with you. Eye-catching patterns can even be sandblasted onto glass doors and partitions to obstruct the view of private spaces while adding unique style to a space. Thoughtful selection of glass texture can also provide enough distortion to keep privacy sensitive activities properly concealed. These simple modifications allow businesses to benefit from the stimulating effects of natural light without compromising privacy.

Glass creates an unspoken message that is shared with each person in the office: a commitment to openness and honesty. If you are looking for a way to build your team of employees and you want to develop trust with your clients, then interior glass wall systems are a great way to share the right message and they feel a deeper sense of trust for your company and employees. This openness helps to increase productivity and improve communication at the same time. It also improves communication between co-workers. Why would a glass wall help to boost communication? People feel more comfortable approaching and talking with their co-workers when they can see the person that they will be talking with. It’s much more intimidating to knock on a closed door, because the person has no idea what is going on inside the office. Walls and doors decrease communication, but glass takes away those barriers to make people feel less awkward about talking with other people in the company.

Types of Glass Office Partition Wall Ideas to Improve the Design of the Office Layout

From a practical perspective, glass partitions allow lots of natural daylight into your space. Making it feel far less enclosed and give a perception of an ‘open plan’ design, which is aesthetically modern. Glass partition walls can be installed either as full glass-partitioning system or integrated with drywall and bespoke solid doors. Designed with the minimum of components, installation of glass partitions is quick and easy. Very versatile, this partition offers a contemporary way to transform your interior. They offer huge potential for decorative purposes: for example, they can be used to great effect to allow more natural light into a space, making it feel brighter and more spacious.

With careful planning, you can also use the partitions to divide a single large space into smaller sections, giving the room greater versatility by allowing it to be used for several functions at once. What’s more, our acoustic glass ensures there’s no noise overspill between the partitions, giving you greater freedom and privacy to use each room however you see fit.

Make use of clear glass partitions to make a delusion of open space. Use textured, coloured or architectural glass if you need more privacy. Consider using stained or bevelled glass designs in your partitions if you want to create a focal point as well as increase privacy.

To Add privacy feature of glass partitions, you can also add curtains or blinds to the partitions.

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Is This the Right Choice for Your Office Layout?

There are some things that the business owner, architect and interior designer should talk through before considering if glazed partitions or glass partitions should be a part of the office layout. Because work environment can affect our mood and our productivity, it’s important that offices be well-maintained, functional and updated. Interior designers and building managers can choose from a wide palate of options when they’re designing or re-designing an office. From the flooring and decor to the light fixtures and furniture to the actual floor plan, they have a lot to consider. One design element is able to go with any office interior’s colour scheme or style: customized, glass, wall systems.

Of course, there’s no point in having a stylish office which isn’t quite practical enough. Office filled with quirky gadgets and chill out zones might look impressive, but if there’s no room left to work efficiently and get the job done well – it’s not serving its purpose as an office. Some of the most essential features of modern offices are co-working spaces, private meeting rooms and of course, singular desk spaces.

Glass Room Dividers

Also, try to consider if your office environment should have an open layout office or a personal office with glazed partition walls. This would be applicable for the offices department managers and for meeting or conference rooms. Because productivity is a key to a company’s success. And if this doesn’t fit. Maybe an open plan office is much more suitable for your work space.

Our stunning dry jointed systems compromising of single or double glazed. We can adjust varying acoustic requirements to suit our client’s needs and budgets alike. In its single glazed form, the glazing is offset, with discreet glass to glass joints.

We can also offer fire rated glass partition systems that deliver high-performing solutions that meet the visual and practical demands of modern office.