Dry Lining

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Dry lining services in Northamptonshire and surrounding countries.

Serving new and existing builds including schools, daycare centres, gyms and commercial buildings. We pride ourselves as amongst the best dry lining companies in the midlands.

Here is some information about what dry lining is:

A damp proofing method that has become significantly popular in the UK over the last 20 years is Dry Lining. This method has become a common practice in new and modern housing construction. Specialist dry lining contractors complete the process of giving meeting joints in a plasterboard a finished look by plastering or tape and jointing. For drylining, a wet plaster finish is not required. Compared to traditional plastering, drylining requires less technical know-how. The method is commonly practised because of the overall advantageous results when done.

Our dry lining services

How drylinings fitted depends on the thickness of the plasterboards.

The thicker the plasterboard the harder it is to fit. As expert drylining contractors we very particular when selecting the correct plasterboards as there are many different types to suit the situation.

These benefits include:

  • Moisture resistant(very effective in bathrooms)
  • Good acoustic
  • Fire/thermal insulation
  • Prevents condensation
  • Highly durable (on the addition of fibres)

Whether it’s fixed directly to the wall or ceiling, or to a secondary framework, our drylining contractors know the fixing technique needed.

After the plasterboard has successfully been fixed, a jointing tape can be applied over the joints between the boards. The jointing compound comes as a dry powder that is mixed with water and applied directly to the joints. Usually two or three times until a smooth paintable finish is achieved.