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Reasons Why Office Design Is the Voice of Your Business

Your office design reflects the corporate culture and mission of your business. This is why special attention must be given to the overall layout and design to complement the type of atmosphere you want to establish and achieve.

When considering undertaking workplace renovation, open office layouts with low panel heights can create an environment that concentrates on openness, conspicuousness, collaboration and communication.

Many office design layouts have a combination of spaces depending on the type of work that has to be done. Some offices opt for a mid-panel height to radiate an open feel while still providing employees with their own sense of space.

This makes us think whether office space aesthetics actually impact the business and the various stakeholders involved. Well, you need not go overboard but the bottom line is that your office design matters, so much that it becomes the voice of your business. We give you reasons why this is the case.

  • Your Employees Spend A Lot Of Time Here

It is perhaps one of the most obvious reasons. The office design matters as it has a considerable hold on the health and well-being of your employees. According to a study that compares employees working in different office environments, those in older, darker and noisier offices had higher levels of stress compared to those in newer, well-lit spaces. Your employees work really hard and they deserve to do so in a place that is not only considerate of their needs, but also makes them happy.

This basically implies going beyond ergonomic chairs, coffee stations and standing desks to create a space that is both pleasing to look at and healthy to be in. At the same time, consider getting office furniture for the absolute comfort of your employees.

  • Prospective Talent Will Certainly Google Your Company

Prospective employees will surely look your company up online to get an idea of what it would be like to work there. Similar to the way you carefully choose your LinkedIn headshot, you want your office to look really good in its ‘display picture’. Seasoned talent will look for the slightest hint that will help them cut down their application list, so you need to go all out and do what you can to stand out.

It can be very simple, but your office space must have an element of uniqueness attached to it. Once you have designed something noticeable and striking, make sure that you invest in having it photographed by a professional.

  • Your Clients Have Expectations

An ideal office design should be such that it lives up to the promises you’ve made to both your clients and partners. Businesses trying to make an impression on potential clients look for innovative and tech-savvy ways to communicate what they can deliver. So, it is really important to incorporate the approach that one wishes to hit home. People do end up judging a book by its cover, so ensure that a business matches what it preaches.

Maybe you’re are an experienced business entity which is why your office environment must exude the same message. This will voice what you have to offer to the world better than anything else. If you wish to make a statement with your office design, opt for suspended ceilings to offer an acoustic balance in a room.

  • Your Office Design Speaks Volumes About Your Company Values

Where you locate your office space and what you do with it speaks volumes about your company values. You can create an environmentally friendly office to show your commitment to being green, or lease in a developing neighbourhood where you can add to the economy. You can support local artists by showcasing their work in your office. You can set up kid-friendly areas for working parents and go healthy by supplying healthy snacks. You can set up your office in a city-designated innovation zone that eases transportation for both city and suburban dwellers.

A company that incorporates at least one of these elements shows their commitment towards the community and value work-life balance for their employees.

  • Focused Office Design Supports a Purpose-Driven Culture

You will come across lot of companies using their office features as “perks” when they should be considering them as a part of their work culture. Office culture that’s both amazing and great does not just happen; it has to be envisioned, nurtured and supported. If you wish to have a culture that lays special emphasis on teamwork, make sure that you leave ample gathering space for collaboration purposes.

If creativity is vital, make sure that you portray it by means of inspiring art pieces and places to play around. Brainstorm with your staff and ask them to suggest what spatial characteristics would allow them to enhance their productivity. In an office environment where you seek input on design will help the business maintain its core value while also giving everyone a voice which eventually sets the tone of the entire business.

Office design counts for a lot and you get your office right, you will realise that the investment was worth every penny.

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