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How Office Design Impacts Work-Life Balance

The boundary separating a good work-life balance from a bad one, is a thin line. The amount of time an employee spends staring at a digital screen, be it their laptop, tablet or smartphone, is sufficient to cause disruptions in their work life balance. In such situations it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that at least their office environment puts them at ease.

Importance of Right Office Design

Simply put, an office is a place where an employee spends the biggest portion of his day, week and life in general. This makes it important for an employer to design an office where employees spend time not because they have to but because they like to. Even the smallest changes in office design is enough to convince your employees that employee wellbeing is at the top of your priorities.

Despite its importance, office design is often overlooked and considered to be non-consequential when talking about high burnout rates and declining productivity of employees. Workspaces that have innovative office designs have been found to be quite efficient at improving wellness and empowering their employees to beat the everyday office stress.

The right office design ensures that your employees are seated exactly the way they should to avoid health complications and encourages them to leave their desks and interact more with their colleagues. Now that we have understood the importance of a good office design we can move on to learn which design factors make the office a better place to work.

Design Factors to include in an Office Design

If you wish to bring about a positive impact in your workplace and take a step towards reducing the stress experienced by your employees at office, following are some fundamental design factors that you should make a part of your office design:

Make way for Natural Light

A basic technique which you can employ to significantly reduce the stress levels of employees is to make arrangements in office that maximise natural light. Employees that have greater access to natural light and air are found to have fewer instances of headache in office and have lower chances of developing respiratory diseases. If you’re wondering how it will be possible to have maximum natural light and air in office then here’s a solution; create seating spaces near windows, use glass partitions and walls where possible and relocating closed rooms to the core of building.

Take into account Ergonomics

You can use ergonomics to your advantage by placing the kind of furniture that reduces bone and muscular diseases. Effective ergonomic design has been proven to be quite effective at reducing office related illnesses such as back pains, spondylitis etc. Selecting the right office furniture is only a part of the trick, the remainder is about implementing computer screens that can be adjusted in height and distance. It not only makes them comfortable but also improves their visual acuity.

Utilisation of space

A thing that works as a charm in office is giving your employees the choice about where and how they wish to work. Not only will the employees experience higher levels of job satisfaction but it will also make the office more dynamic in nature. You should also consider having dedicated areas for recreation such as game areas where employees can go to in their breaks and completely unwind themselves.

Think about them

Conduct periodic surveys to get a better understanding of what your employees think about the office space. Ask them for their suggestions and implement those you think are important. Showing your workforce that you care about their requirements will send a good message across to the office floor.
Our years of experience as office renovation specialists have taught us that by creating an office space that increases healthy habits and reduces stress not only benefits the employees physically but also improves their lifestyle and productivity. So contact us today and make your office work-life balance friendly.